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For 25 years Kirkwood Hospice has provided specialist care for the people of Kirklees. We have helped thousands of people with life-threatening illnesses and provided support for their families and friends.

Now we need your help!

25 Years of Care

Kirkwood Hospice was established in 1987 by a group of local people who identified a need for specialist care for people with life-threatening illnesses..

To ensure that hospice care is accessible to all, we make no charge for any of our services but rely on the people and businesses of Kirklees for donations and fundraising.

Kirkwood provides care and support for many of the region’s patients through our Support & Therapy Centre, Community Nurses and Family Care Team. However, some people will require pain and symptom control or end of life care as an in-patient at the Hospice.

Our In-Patient Care

Kirkwood’s 16-bed in-patient unit is located in the oldest part of the Hospice building. While the unit has undergone improvements and redecoration, the layout and in-built services available have remained largely unchanged in the past 25 years.

With major advances in the early diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening illness, patients are now living longer post-diagnosis. As care becomes more long term, patients have more complex needs and additional facilities and equipment are required.

From consultation with patients and relatives, we have also established that, while feedback is very positive regarding the care provided, an increased number of single rooms and private or family spaces would better accommodate their needs.

As a result, we have developed a plan to refurbish and extend our in-patient unit to meet the needs of patients and families today. We need your help to raise £3m over the coming year.

Our vision for Kirkwood’s
in-patient unit.

Key Features

  • More single rooms, with ensuite bathrooms and overnight beds for families.
  • More communal facilities for patients and families, including dining and quiet areas.
  • Improved layout and facilities to allow nurses more time for direct patient contact.
  • Increased energy efficiency within the building, to reduce running costs and minimise our carbon footprint.

“One of the most reassuring things about the Hospice is the dignity”

Chris from Gomersal speaking about the Hospice

Patients and Families

The refurbished and extended building will allow us to improve the support and care we give patients and their families by providing:

  • Nine single bedrooms, all ensuite and with an overnight bed for families, improving privacy and dignity for patients and their loved ones. Having more single rooms provides more flexibility on admissions and makes infection control more effective.
  • A new three-bed and a four-bed bay for patients who prefer the social interaction of a shared ward, and a separate bedroom for families wishing to stay over.
  • Two assisted bathrooms with whirlpool baths. Being able to take a bath can make a real difference to a patient.
  • Wall-mounted televisions in single rooms and arm-mounted televisions in the bays.
  • More communal facilities for patients and their families away from the bedside, including a large family lounge with a kitchen and dining areas.
  • More quiet spaces and private meeting areas, with space to accommodate a bed so that patients in the multi-occupancy bays can have private conversations regarding their care and needs.

“The support of the Hospice is amazing. Like having someone there who understands you”

Clare and her mum from Dewsbury speaking about the Hospice

While the in-patient unit has undergone some redecoration and improvements to meet the increased requirements of the Care Quality Commission with regard to infection control, our plans will improve patient care in the following ways:

  • Two separate nurses’ stations will maximise efficiency, extend observation points and ensure patient safety.
  • Improved layout and facilities will increase the amount of time nurses are able to spend on direct patient contact.
  • Piped oxygen and a suction system will be installed throughout so that it is available at every bed for any patient who may require it.
  • The nurse call facility will be replaced with an up-to-date system.
  • The single rooms will include full ceiling tracking in order to move patients around more easily and comfortably. This will reduce the risk of patient falls and protect the health and safety of nursing staff who move and handle patients.

“The care at Kirkwood couldn’t have been better. It was like a home from home”

Kathleen from Mirfield speaking about the Hospice

Bringing our facilities up to date is an essential part of improving the service we provide for the residents of Kirklees and also for the staff and volunteers who work at the Hospice. Additionally, our plans include:

  • Ensuring that all beds have an outlook and access to the gardens, as this outside space is of significant therapeutic value to patients and families.
  • Improving the amount of natural light throughout the building.
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of the building, in order to reduce running costs and minimise our carbon footprint.
  • Fully rewiring the in-patient unit and upgrading the number of electrical power points. This will ensure that there are adequate sockets for electric beds, mattresses and other essential equipment and for patients’ electronic equipment (MP3 players, phone chargers), while avoiding the need for extension cables and adaptors.
  • Upgrading the fire alarm and monitoring system to one that is modern and accessible.

“It’s amazing work that you do and more people should support it because you never know, you might be in that situation”

Alex from Cleckheaton speaking about the Hospice

In Summary

Kirkwood Hospice’s 16 beds are the only specialist palliative care beds in the locality. Prior to Kirkwood, there was no specialist palliative care centre in Kirklees.

Our new unit will upgrade the facilities and environment for in-patients and their families, while retaining the warm, homely, relaxed atmosphere of the Hospice.

The refurbishment programme and extended facilities will make it easier for our staff to carry out their duties and spend more time with patients, and it will ensure that patients get the care and dignity they deserve.

Kirkwood’s new unit will cost £3m. This will cover all capital costs, including the purchase of new equipment. The building works will commence in June 2012 and we expect to open the doors of our improved in-patient unit in June 2013.

Our Capital Appeal to raise £3m will run throughout 2012.

We need your help to alert individuals, organisations and businesses in the Kirklees area.

This Capital Appeal fund is required in addition to the money raised by our friends and supporters every year to help fund the day-to-day running costs and services provided by the Hospice as an independent, self financing charity.

How you can help

We are looking for support with the following:

  • Donations from individuals, organisations and businesses
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Fundraising events
  • ‘Sponsor a Brick’ campaign

Please spread the word about our Capital Appeal to everyone you know in any way you can.

If you are able to offer your help and would like to know more, or to receive a fundraising pack, please contact:

Tel: 01484 557 911